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Aaron Ramsey

"I worked with Colin at Arsenal for my entire eleven years there. Colin and his medical team got me through some difficult injuries and contributed to my successes there. I also worked with Gary playing for Team GB at London 2012 and found his knowledge and experience fantastic. The clinic w...

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Ian Beasley

"Two of the most experienced and able physios I have ever worked with - I couldn't recommend them more highly"

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Petr Čech

"Two physiotherapists with vast experience. I worked alongside Colin during my years at Arsenal and always trusted his opinion and knowledge both around treating injuries and helping to prevent them.”

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Grant Downie OBE

“I have had the pleasure of knowing both Gary & Colin for 25 years plus in the ruthless world of professional football. They were both trusted colleagues in a difficult world at times & were always available to help & assist others. Their professional record speaks for itself but thei...

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David Beckham OBE

‘I worked with Gary my entire England career and Colin during my short spell training with Arsenal. You will not get more experienced and knowledgeable physiotherapists.’

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Faye White

"During my playing career for Arsenal Women, Gary and Colin Lewin were often on hand to provide me with vital expertise and knowledge for a number of serious injuries I sustained. I suffered from 2 major ACL injuries and a partial hamstring tendon rupture which Colin in particular played a m...

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Ian Wright MBE

"I worked with Gary during my years with Arsenal and England and both of them regularly since I stopped playing !! Great news that their expertise can be utilised by everybody. Good luck fellas!"

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Anna Popescu

"I have been coming to the Lewin Clinic for a few months now, and quite honestly I wish it had been around for longer. Seeing Colin regularly has been very valuable for me in managing and overcoming my injuries and niggles, and I am always amazed by the depth of his knowledge and experience,...

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Alexander Lemel

Colin and the team at The Lewin Clinic have been pivotal in my recovery and rehab following hip surgery. From pre to post op, Colin has guided me and provided support through the process.

The mental aspects of injury can sometimes be as hard as the physical and so this support has been crucial. I ...

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Gary and Colin have a long-standing reputation within the football industry for providing a high level of care in their state of the art purpose built facilities.

Their reputation within the game has enabled them to establish a network of experts and specialists, should further guidance be require...

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